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Back Book Title The Big Girl and Other Stories

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The Big Girl and Other Stories

- Alagu Subramaniam
- Sri Lanka
- Bay Owl Press (Perera-Hussein Publishing House), Sri Lanka
- 9789551723415
- 2018
- 152p.
- 200 gms.
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The Big Girl & Other Stories is a retro-collection of stories by the talented posthumous author Alagu Subramaniam. They recount scenes of life in Jaffna more than 50 years ago. The book which had disappeared from circulation has now been updated and reprinted in its entirety.
These stories evocatively capture the ethos of an era now past and will leave you nostalgic for a simpler time.
"Mr Subramaniayam could have had a sound practice at the English Bar, but he preferred to pursue his literary work, which is of a higher order" Lester Hutchinson, D es L., Former MP (british House of Commons)
"Stories told sardonically and succinctly" Philip Day, Sunday Times (London)

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