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Back Book Title Tamra Traipitaka : A Handbook of Tipitaka

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Tamra Traipitaka : A Handbook of Tipitaka

- Santi Pakdeekham
- Thailand
- Fragile Palm Leaves Foundation, Thailand
- 9788880011064
- 2017
- xxxviii, 190p. ; (8) col. folded pls.(size: 25x22cm) ; 22cm. Includes Index
- Buddhist literature, Pali -- Thailand, Southern -- Catalogs. Palm-leaf manuscripts -- Catalogs. Buddhist literature, Pali.
- 13
- Materials for the Study of Tripitaka Series
- 350 gms.
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This book is a southern Thai text that describes the Buddhist scriptures as they were traditionally transmitted in palm-leaf manuscripts kept in temple libraries. Different versions are known. This volume has published, transcribed for the first time in Roman characters, the Pali text of a Tamra Traipitaka. This specific version is contained in a manuscript found in Wat Photharam, Chaiya, Suratthani Province: the text is written in Khom script and divided into four sections. The Preface, Introduction, and Index are in English and Thai.

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