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Kosovo Issue and Turkey : Nationalism in the Balkans

Author :  Mehmet Cem Ogulturk

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  • Country Turkey
  • Publisher Ekin Basim Yayin Dagitim, Ankara, Turkey
  • ISBN9786257090537
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  • Year of Publication2020
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In international politics, the evaluation of a region with multiple actors such as the Balkans is only possible by means of a many-sided and comprehensive study. The truths that are encountered in relation to the Balkans are the influences of demography, geography and extremal forces on Balkan geopolitics and history. Kosovo is also, because of its geographical location, constituting a crucial point in the Balkans, strategically in a very important region. Because of this fact, from past to present it has become a lot of countries' interest.
After the Cold War, with the help of revolutions of 1989, world witnessed the changing movements and democratization process with together the rebirth of nationalism in former communist regime of Central and Eastern Europe. Nationalism dominated the political discussion and analysis of the Balkans in the length of the time. Nationalism became an important instrument in order to activate the hostilities among the ethnic groups before and during the Balkan conflicts. Hoverer it is not the only source of the conflict in Balkans.
During the post-Cold War period, Turkish foreign policy gained several new aspects and experienced significant changes. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union and breakup of the communist regimes in the Balkans, the Iron Curtain which divided Turkey and Balkan states disappeared and these developments brought out a renewed Turkish interest and connection in the region. However this early optimism gave way to stability and security concerns with the bloody disintegration of Yugoslavia and the emergence of new conflicts and wars in the Balkans. Turkey had to bring forth new approaches and policies in order to face the difficulties in this unstable geopolitical atmosphere.
Kosovo issue is also a multifaceted one that has historical foundation. Considering the plans of global powers over Balkans, Kosovo issue seems likely to effect the stabilization of all Balkans, Caucasus, and the Middle East. By Kosovo's declaring its independence the issue became more complicated contrary to come to a solution.

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