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Nineteenth-Century Masters of Angono Art

Author :  James Owen G. Saguinsin

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Vibal Foundation, Inc., Philippines
ISBN 9789719707943
Format PaperBack
Language English
Year of Publication 2023
Bib. Info xx, 108p. Includes Index ; Bibliography
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Dating back 5,000 years to ancient petroglyphs carved on cave walls, Angono’s long artmaking tradition has produced two National Artists, numerous art galleries, and the famous Higantes Festival. The town gained renown as the “Art Capital of the Philippines” after Carlos “Botong” Francisco’s modernist paintings captivated the art world. However, even a master like Botong stood on the shoulders of Angono’s giants who came before him—artists like Juan Senson, Pedro Pinon, and Moises Villaluz Sr. The works of these old masters, Angono’s own “triumvirate,” are little acknowledged and seldom studied, apart from a few pieces which have ended up in the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas collection as cultural treasures. Nineteenth-Century Masters of Angono Art endeavors to write anew the town’s art history, showcasing the lives and oeuvres of these foundational artists. Author James Owen Saguinsin has spent more than twenty years doing research in Angono and its neighboring towns, interviewing local residents and relatives of the artists, and scouring old bodegas and family homes for artworks that have managed to survive war, calamity, and the ravages of time and neglect. Illustrated with more than 100 artworks—most unearthed by the author and documented here for the first time—this book explores the history of Angono, the role of Senson, Pinon, and Villaluz in shaping the town into the national art center it is today, and their contribution to the Filipino artistic identity.

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1. Arts ? Philippines ? Rizal ? Angono ? History. 2. Arts ? Philippines.

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