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Noise and the Ear : Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Hidden Society Burden

Author :  Win Tin

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Penerbit Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
ISBN 9789672166641
Format PaperBack
Language English
Year of Publication 2019
Bib. Info 1v.
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After the early success of some articles as author and co-author, Dr Win Tin has come up with his first book on Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and the Hidden Society Burden. He noticed that everyone needs peace of mind, especially after a long working day. We need to rest, physically and mentally to recoup, working again with enthusiasm the next day. Thus, it is important that we have a certain private, quiet, peaceful serene environment, day or night. But noise is all around us. The sound of grass cutters, the piling of structures nearby, children playing and shouting, or the traffic noise. These can make a lot of noise and the peace shattered. Noise-induced hearing loss is mainly caused by a certain amount of noise which has a deleterious effect on the ear when exposed to long periods of time e.g. years, and usually without the person noticing, as in occupational noise-induced hearing loss or single instances of extreme noise, as in acoustic trauma. This causes not only hearing loss but effects socially, financially, physically and mentally. Its problem is so big with compensation in millions, causing a huge hidden burden to the society, people and government. Yet it should be noted that this is the only preventable cause of sensorineural hearing loss, which can be prevented, while other causes are still not possible. The book introduces various noise, the pathogenesis and causes of noise-induced hearing loss, as seen in various strata of people. Apart from this, there is the Malaysian perspective as written by some researchers from Malaysia. Then there are also effects of noise not only on humans but also in birds and fish. Methods to diagnosis and ways to prevent, with up-to-date researches and treatment are also discussed. Thus, it is a comprehensive one for the knowledge of all levels, professionals and non-professionals. This book is important, and everybody should read or keep as a reference, as they will know in-depth, as most are unaware of the hidden problem. Young people, military, hospital workers, nurses, contractors, builders, architect, engineers, urban planners, public health doctors and everyone can benefit from this book. Hence, this book is useful not only for leisure reading but cherished for life. With the 25th anniversary of UMS, this book can be a milestone, for the wellness of UMS staff and people of Sabah.

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