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南薰殿歷代帝后圖像 (下)= Imperial Portraits from the Nanxun Hall, Part 2 (In Chinese)

Author :  Lin Lina & Su Yafen (Chief Eds)

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Taiwan National Palace Museum, Taiwan
ISBN 9789575628437
Format HardBound
Language Chinese
Year of Publication 2021
Bib. Info 248p.
Product Weight 1300 gms.
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《南薰殿歷代帝后圖像》歷朝皆藏於宮中,所繪歷代帝后朝服像,無論立像、坐像、半身像,在形貌、服飾的配件,或龍椅、地毯等紋飾等,描繪真實,筆法工整精細,設色富麗,具有極高的藝術造詣,更是研究歷史與服飾史珍貴的圖像資料。 *** "Images of Emperors and Empresses of the Nanxun Hall" has been hidden in the palace in all dynasties. The pictures of the emperors and empresses in the dynasties, whether standing, seated, or bust, are depicted in the shape, accessories of clothing, or patterns such as dragon chairs and carpets. It is authentic, with neat and fine brushwork, rich colors, and high artistic attainments. It is also a precious image material for the study of history and clothing history.

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