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Of Transformation (Chinese-English Version)

Author :  (唐)谭峭 = Tan Qiao

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ISBN 9787519259624
Format PaperBack
Language English
Year of Publication 2022
Bib. Info 246 p
Categories Philosophy
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This book records the unique understanding of Tao by Tan Qiao, a thinker of the Five Dynasties. It is divided into six volumes, including Taoization, Skills, Moralization, Benevolence, Foodization and Thriftiness. The author of the original work inherited the traditional Taoist thought, and his philosophy has important representative significance in the history of Chinese thought. Zhu Yumin, the translator of this book, based on the systematic arrangement of the content of Hua Shu, added some annotations, and translated the original text of the ancient Chinese into vernacular and English, which will help readers to read bilingually and let people around the world understand Taoism. Understand the essence of Chinese philosophy and feel the charm of Chinese classical culture, so that the excellent traditional Chinese culture can be truly promoted and disseminated overseas.

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