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Know Tea,Know Life

Author :  中国科协学会服务中心 = Anonymous

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ISBN 9787109297289
Format PaperBack
Language English
Year of Publication 2022
Bib. Info 163 p
Categories Food
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In order to promote the knowledge of tea culture and tea science in foreign branches, the China Tea Society has brought together nearly 20 experts and scholars in various fields of tea science to complete the Chinese manuscript of this book, and then translate it into English. This book includes the following contents: 1. The multiple uses of Chinese tea, introducing the history of Chinese tea, from medicinal food, to drinking, to the current multiple uses; 2. Health elements and health effects in tea, introducing the beneficial effects of tea Material and health effects; 3. How to make good tea, scientifically explain how to make a cup of delicious tea through water temperature, tea dosage, soaking time, etc.; 4. Various tea drinking methods, including iced tea, milk tea, matcha products, tea Deep processing products, etc.; 5. Safe tea drinking, about tea pollution, safety in production, transportation and marketing; 6. A bright future for Chinese tea.

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