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My Father Cemil MerÄ°ç: A Turkish Intellectual of the 20th Century

Author :  Ümit Meriç (Ed-in-Chief) Abdulkadir Ozkan

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Kopernik Inc., Turkey
ISBN 9786256994102
Format PaperBack
Language English
Year of Publication 2023
Bib. Info 456p. Includes Index
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Cemil Meric (1916-1987) was a Turkish intellectual who has become one of his country's best-loved and most widely-read leaders of opinion. After becoming blind at the age of 38, he produced a corpus of work in which he introduced his fellow-countrymen to both European and Eastern thought, and carried out a trenchant analysis of modern Turkiye and its relationship with its Ottoman past. This book, written by his daughter, gives an outline of his life story and the development of his thought, setting out his views on Westernisation, globalist 'deterritorialisation' and cultural assimilation.

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