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Jewish Cuisine of Edirne, Volume 1

Author :  Aydemjr AY, Ozdemir AY (Ed)

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Municipality of Edirne Publications, Turkey
ISBN 9786058053762
Format PaperBack
Language English
Year of Publication 2020
Bib. Info 136p. ; Colored Photographs Includes Bibliography
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We realize how valuable some things are only when others remind us. I always liked watching my grandmother and my mother when they were in the kitchen. However, I did not think of recording the Sephardic cuisine of Edirne, which was transmitted from mother to daughter. I thought I'd always remember the recipes but unfortunately, I don't. It is often that I find that I have completely forgotten a dish I thought I could make with my eyes closed. Therefore, recording them is a really important task because Sephardic dishes vary between the Jews of Izmir and the Jews of Istanbul, and even among Jewish families in the same city. For example, there are recipes for spinach beurek and leek meatballs that vary from family to family. In this book you can find recipes that have not reached our days and have been forgotten.

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1. Recipes ? Jewish cuisine. 2. Food culture ? Jews. 3. Cooking ? Turkey ? Edirne.

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