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The Shame of Shame : (in) Contemporary South African Performance

Author :  Abigail Wiese ,Adigun Ajbaje, Fred Hendriks and Grace A. Musila

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South Africa
NISC (Pty) Ltd (for African Humanities Association), Makhanda, South Africa
ISBN 9781920033934
Format PaperBack
Language English
Year of Publication 2023
Bib. Info xiv, 184p. ; 170x240mm. Includes Index ; Bibliography
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The Shame of Shame: (in) contemporary South African performance looks at the agency of shame, and how shame is the most intimate of affects and critical in the formation of our sense of Self, regardless of our recognition of it. The Shame of Shame examines contemporary South African performances as a way to think about shame, our unique experiences of shame and how these affective moments of shame might become hauntings that continue to linger, if not faced and given a form/voice/sound. Because the experience of shame is most central to our shaping and sense of Self, it needs to be faced, and not turned away from or mopped up into discarded parts of our memories. The writing of The Shame of Shame is an intimate and self-reflective engagement with shame, and one in which the author asks what it is that she feels in these encounters with shame. She questions how the aesthetics of performance evoked such feelings and how performance made her think about shame differently. The Shame of Shame is an interdisciplinary study located at the intersection of performance studies, affect theory, shame theory, autoethnography and practice-led/research-led methodology. The Shame of Shame would be a helpful companion to anyone trying to process affects of discomfort, racism, Othering and an abjection of the Self.

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