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How China Became Rich? : From Poverty to Prosperity : An Eyewitness Perspective

Author :  Syed Hasan Javed

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Paramount Books (Pvt) Ltd, Karachi, Pakistan
ISBN 9786273100227
Format HardBound
Language English
Year of Publication 2024
Bib. Info lxvi, 330p.
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China achieved zero poverty target, unlike any other country in global history. This is remarkable, as China faced greater problems in 1980s, due to its obsolete economic structure, management, and conceptual issues, than many countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. China has succeeded in eliminating poverty, so can the Muslim world which is blessed with even more formidable resource endowments. The book narrates how China tried and tested several innovative strategies before generating one virtuous cycle after another of wealth creation for poverty alleviation. Essentially, its efforts boiled down to providing sustainable source of income to every citizen. The IFI template of state charity, neither achieved wealth creation nor poverty alleviation in Pakistan which continues to move in vicious circles of poverty, indebtedness, and underdevelopment. China's success offers major lessons for Pakistan. I commend Ambassador Syed Hasan Javed, who witnessed it all from ground zero during his decade-long stay in China, for writing yet another book of critical importance for all of us.

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