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Penjor Of Bali : Celebrating the Gifts of the Gods

Author :  Susan Ruddy

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Kabar Media Books, Indonesia
ISBN 9786238831401
Format HardBound
Language English
Year of Publication 2023
Bib. Info xi, 137p.
Product Weight 800 gms.
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In Penjor of Bali, Susan Ruddy invites us on a vivid exploration of Bali’s rich cultural tapestry, through the island’s evocative ritual decoration: the penjor. These intricately ornate bamboo poles are emblematic of the island’s spiritual life — but what exactly do they symbolize, and what hidden meanings can be found in their various styles? Brimming with evocative photography and illustrations, Penjor of Bali offers us a unique encounter with the traditions and beliefs of an island deeply connected with nature and the divine. Ruddy’s very personal narrative demonstrates that the penjor, more than just an object, is a living testament to Bali’s unique culture and unwavering reverence for the beauty of life’s grand symphony. A must-read for cultural enthusiasts and travel lovers alike.

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